Easter 2021

Covid-19 mitigation efforts

Audiovisual link in The Hall

In an effort to reduce crowding in the main Church, we will be opening the adjacent St Athanasios Hall where you will be able to follow the Service via videolink. If the Church is full, please make your way to Hall after lighting your candle.

Two Resurrection Services

Again to reduce crowding, this year Archbishop Nikitas is allowing us to hold two Resurrection Services: One from 9pm to 10pm and one from 11pm onwards.

The 9pm Service will be shorter and its earlier start time means it will be ideal for those with younger children. However, because it is not a Holy Liturgy, there will not be Holy Communion.

We therefore actively encourage you to come to the 9pm Service if:

Cambridge Hellenic Learned Society talk

There will be no Vespers on Saturday the 24th of April. Instead, we invite you to attend an online talk organized by the Cambridge Hellenic Learned Society. The speaker, Tasoula Hadjitofi will talk about her role in trying to prevent stolen icons from Cyprus from entering the art market. Her book titled "Icon Hunter" relates this story, and it was in fact because of the book that she has been invited to talk.

Title The Icon Hunter: A Story of War, Faith and Art trafficking
Speaker Tasoula Hadjitofi
Price Free
Where Online, via Zoom
When Saturday, April 24th @6:00pm

Proceeds from any book sales will benefit the Church of St. Athanasios.

Easter Services Timetable

Services of the Holy Week 2021
Saturday of Lazarus 24/4/2021 09:00 Matins and Holy Liturgy
18:00 Online talk: The Icon Hunter: A Story of War, Faith and Art trafficking in lieu of Vespers
Palm Sunday 25/4/2021 09:30 – 12:00 Matins and Holy Liturgy
18:00 Service of the Bridegroom (Nymphios)
Ακολουθία του Νυμφίου
Holy Monday 26/4/2021 18:00 Service of the Bridegroom (Matins of Holy Tuesday)
Ακολουθία του Νυμφίου (Όρθρος Μεγ. Τρίτης)
Holy Tuesday 27/4/2021 17:00 Service of the Pre-sanctified Holy Gifts
Θεία Λειτουργία των Προηγιασμένων Τιμίων Δώρων
18:00 Service of the Bridegroom (Matins of Holy Wednesday)
Ακολουθία του Νυμφίου (Όρθρος Μεγ. Τετάρτης)
Holy Wednesday 28/4/2021 18:00 Service of the Holy Unction (The Blessing of the Holy Oil)
Ακολουθία του Ευχελαίου
Holy Thursday 29/4/2021 09:30 Vespers and Liturgy of St Basil (The Last Supper)
Εσπερινός και Θεία Λειτουργία Μ. Βασιλείου (O Μυστικός Δείπνος)
18:00 Service of our Lord's Passions (Τhe reading of the 12 Gospels)
Ακολουθία Παθών του Κυρίου (Τα 12 Ευαγγέλια)
Holy Friday 30/4/2021 09:30 Service of the Royal Hours
Ακολουθία των Μεγάλων Ωρών
11:00 Vespers of the Deposition
Εσπερινός της Αποκαθήλωσης
18:00 Service of the Lamentations – Epitaph
Επιτάφιος – Εγκώμια (Όρθρος Μ. Σαββάτου)
19:30 Procession of the Epitaph
Περιφορά του Επιταφίου
Holy Saturday 1/5/2021 09:30 Vespers and Liturgy of St. Basil (First Resurrection)
Εσπερινός και Θεία Λειτουργία Μ. Βασιλείου (Η Πρώτη Ανάσταση)
21:00 – 22:00 Easter Vigil
Could all people who would not stay to take Holy Communion at the Resurrection Service come to this Service please
Η Παννυχίς, Δεύτε Λάβετε Φώς, Χριστός Ανέστη & κατηχητικός λόγος Ιωάννου του Χρυσοστόμου
23:00 Easter Vigil, Matins and Liturgy of the Resurrection
Η Παννυχίς, Όρθρος και Θεία Λειτουργία της Αναστάσεως
Easter Sunday 2/5/2021 11:00 Vespers of Easter
Εσπερινός της Αγάπης


Ο Εσταυρωμένος
Η Παννυχίς